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  • E-Scan is scientifically proved and takes about 20 minutes to take.
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Entrepreneur Scan (E-Scan) is the ultimate online assessment tool which evaluates the participants against 10 key entrepreneurial characteristics and 4 entrepreneur thinkingsstyles. Researched and proven to be the most prominent for successful entrepreneurs (see below for example).

10 Key Characteristics

It is an enabling tool which identifies the entrepreneurial strengths and weaknesses of current or aspiring entrepreneurs, or members of business teams, which added to their individual thinking styles provides their ‘Entrepreneurial DNA‘.

Through self-awareness, E-Scan empowers individuals to understand and develop their capabilities to become better enabled entrepreneurs, which will help enhance performance resulting in better businesses, stronger teams and higher results, all of which lead to increased wealth!

4 Thinking Styles

Through revealing a respondent’s individual thinking style E-Scan helps them to identify how they react to changing situations, challenges and opportunities. This will help them to understand the best roles they will be motivated by in business activity (for example generating ideas, organising and planning, understanding fine detail or working with people) or where they fit in within a business’ cycle (start-up, growth, expansion, maturity / decline).

So individuals and teams can be engaged and motivated by what they do, by doing the things they like to do and in a way that suits them. Whether starting a business or contributing to a team or project it’s motivated people that deliver results!

Up to 3 persons can give 360° Feedback

Using E-Scan offers the opportunity for 360° feedback from coaches, mentors and colleagues to build a clear picture of the respondent and to analyse perception versus reality.

This further enhances development and increases both speed and height of individual performance, leading to better and faster results.


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